• 21 square metre
  • 2 rooms
  • Toilet, Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • To be delivered to AFAD by the Canadian Company
  • Will be assembled by AFAD
  • Will be led by the Coordinating Governor on the ground
  • Electricity will be provided by AFAD
  • Water supply will be provided by AFAD
  • Infrastructure services will be provided by AFAD
  • Freezer, Bed, Bed base, Stove, Heater, Water Heater, Carpet, Table, Chair, and Couch will be provided by the AFAD

Turkish Canadian Religious Foundation (Diyanet Canada) is dedicated to providing 2,000 container homes to families affected by the recent earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, with a large majority currently without shelters.

By partnering with Diyanet Canada, donors (make grants) will have a unique opportunity to make a significant impact by providing a fully-equipped living space for families in dire need. As a special recognition, the donors’ names will be displayed on the container homes, leaving a lasting legacy of their generosity.

We firmly believe that this campaign is a testament to the generosity and compassion of people who care about helping others during times of crisis.

Please see below the campaign outline as well as Diyanet Canada’s roles and responsibilities during this very important undertaking.

- 100% of the funds received from you will be used toward purchasing a family container house, which costs $2,500.

- After the order for the container houses has been placed with the Canadian firm, a team from the Turkish Consulate in the country, where the container houses are manufactured, will visit the factory to conduct a thorough investigation of the container houses for their quality before they are shipped to Türkiye.

- Additionally, the Turkish Consulate staff will organize all the paperwork required by the customs at the destination port of Mersin, Türkiye to expedite the customs clearance.

- As soon as they arrive at the Mersin port, AFAD (Ministry of Interior of Türkiye - Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) will take possession of the container homes and ensure their immediate transfer to the earthquake region.

- AFAD will oversee the assembly and completion of the container homes, which will involve fitting all necessary and locally-sourced components, such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and basic furniture. The local municipalities will hook up all necessary utilities, such as water, electricity, and sanitation.

- Once they are ready for occupancy, AFAD will immediately facilitate the move of the earthquake survivors to the container homes.

- All related documents, such as the proof of purchase/delivery, the pictures/videos of the container homes etc., will be shared with you.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you for your generous donation to this much-needed and urgent campaign. May Allah (SWT) shower you and your entire congregation with His blessings and mercy in this blessed month.

The following are the ways you can transfer your donations to Diyanet Canada.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Warm Regards,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of 

Turkish Canadian Religious Foundation

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